Q.   How long will it take to receive proofs?
A.   Proofs will be delivered to the School within 10 days of photo day.  You will have one week to 10 days to order.
Q.   Can I still order after the deadline has passed?
A.   Yes, we can still process late orders and deliver them to the School or your door.  You will need to mail your original order to us.
Q.   I have lost my original order form, how can I order?
A.   You can contact the school and request another order form.
Q.   My partner and I are now separated, how can I order my child’s photographs?
A.   You can contact the school and request another order form.
Q.   How long will it take to receive my photographs?
A.   Photo orders will be delivered within 4-6 weeks of the order deadline.  Gift products are delivered separately within 6-8 weeks.
Q.   I have received my order and photographs are damaged or missing, what should I do?
A.   Please Contact Us
Q.   I have received my photo order and would like to order more, is this possible?
A.   Please Contact Us
Q.   What payment methods do you accept?
A.   We accept Credit Cards, Cash, Cheques, E-Transfers and money orders.  When paying by cash, please send exact amount as we are unable to provide change.  No post-dated cheques.  Returned cheques are subject to a $30.00 fee. credit card icons
Q.   Do prices include taxes?
A.   Yes, all prices include GST.
Q.  What is the Family Plan?
A.   First two children pay full price, each additional child(ren) pays half-price for Package of equal or lesser value.

School Photography Portrait Tips

Your clothing should be clean and looking its best. School uniforms should be as they are required on a full uniform day.

Bright, solid colors photograph best.  Small patterns are fine, bigger patterns distract from your child’s face.  Wearing long sleeves allows your face to stand out as well.

Avoid getting a haircut the night before picture day; a week before will get you the best results.

Hats are fine, but the school requires a headshot without the hat.  Bring the hat with you (do not wear it first) and you will be photographed with the hat after.

Eye glasses are fine – we make adjustments to lighting and posing.

Don’t worry about blemishes – we can take care of those with our Retouching services.

Avoid clothing with slogans, as cropping will not always accommodate this.

Photo Day Preparation

Parents, before your kids leave for school on Photo Day, please remember to help them look their best.

On Photo Day make sure you check your clothes and hair before you arrive to the camera.

Have good posture for your photo.

Wear your best colors so you feel your best.

Remember to have a natural smile and relax so that you can get a memorable photo you will like and your parents will treasure.

Services for Our Parents

-We offer Traditional School Backgrounds or Unique Themed-based Settings to make your photo more than just a “school picture”.
-Our Three-Proof Program. Parents and Students will have three separate poses to choose from.
-Proofs returned to the School one week after Photo day.
-Finished photograph packages will be returned to the school within six weeks.
-Many photograph packages available to choose from or build your own package.
-Photo Gift Products to make that School Photo extra special.
-Our Family Plan. The first two children from a family pay full price. Each additional child in the same immediate family will receive the same package for 1/2 Price.
-Our Compassionate Aid Program. We understand that some of your families may not be able to afford a Photo Package. Ken Stewart Photography will discretely help out these families with a free Photo Package.
-Fundraising - 
Family Portrait Night Fundraiser. Families have the opportunity to get their family photo taken. They also can fell good knowing that they are helping fundraise for their school. - Roof Top/Panoramic Photo. We donate back to the School a portion of each Photo sold.


Fall Photos

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Spring Photos

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